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Skin Anti-Aging

Skin Anti-Aging with Dora CosmePharm. No one can deny the natural birth-ageing rule of creation. But all women have the right to make their own beauty, and desire to be youthful. So how to stretch the beauty of spring, beautiful? Especially slow down, preventing skin aging signs of the elderly woman?


When the age of aging begins, what we can see most clearly is the change of skin. Skin ageing is the process of altering hormones that depletion of blood circulation, lymphatic system, and inherent functions of the skin. The change in the functions of the aging process destroys the background structure of the skin, weakens capillaries and causes toxins to not be excreted out.


Most people assume that skin aging starts at the age of 40. But studies have shown, from about 25 years old signs of aging have begun to appear on the face. Until the passage of the premenopausal period (from 45-50, early menopause at the age of 40), the manifestations of wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, hill bait, rough on the skin… will become more obvious. If you do not know how to care will greatly affect the beauty, the psychological and the happy family marriage.

How anti-aging skin
What shoud we do for skin anti-aging?

Women’s skin changes in a bad direction for various reasons. There are absolutely natural causes that we can not change. However, there are other causes from the outside that we can impact. So the conscious and early understanding of the skin will help our women find the positive, effective anti-aging skin care and


There are many signs that notice that the skin has entered the aging process. Each sign will act on the skin in a different way:


This is the first and most obvious sign your skin message is aging. When your skin loses moisture, the structural proteins of the skin are elastin and collagen decline increasingly rapidly, the wrinkles (also called the Bird’s feet) appear more in the areas on the face such as the corners of the eye, mouth. Smoking and excessive sun exposure can also increase the speed of wrinkles formation.

Sagging skin

For women, from the age of 40 in front of the pre-menopausal period, the body will be less gradually producing elastin and collagen, so your skin will not retain its firmness and well-being. On average each year, your skin will lose 1 – 1.5% of the natural collagen, and elastin deficiency causes the damaged skin structure, decreased elasticity and sagging.

Anti-aging skin
Signs of skin aging

Dry skin

The older the skin will no longer produce more natural moisture. This causes the top skin layers to dry, lumpy, and even appear peeling skin patches.

Thin Skin

Over time, the skin below the epidermis and dermis fades away the amount of buffering. They gradually become thinner and appear more wrinkles.

Spotting spots

As they age, melanocytes (pigmented cells) on the skin grow rapidly and gather together to form dark small spots, they are called spotted spots. A hill of prey appears on the exposed areas of the sun as much as the underside of the eye, and the back of the hand.

Dark Skin

The older the dead skin cells accumulate on more faces. This skin is dark and loses her youthful focus.

Bruise Skin

The vascular form becomes weaker and thinner over time, causing them to be fragile and cause bruises to the skin. Subcutaneous changes also become more obvious as we age with signs including: Loss of subcutaneous fat in the cheeks, oceans, chin, nose, and eye area leading to sagging skin, sunken eyes. Bone loss is mainly around the mouth and chin, usually appearing after 60 years.


If you are confused because you feel why your skin becomes rough and premature aging even if you have a very thorough protection, don’t be too upset. Understanding the cause of skin aging, you will find the right solution.

Skin aging is a natural and complex course of action that is affected by a biological combination (hormonal, genetic, metabolic processes…) and factors outside the environment (pollution, chemicals, sunlight…).

Causes of skin Aging
The causes that lead to premature skin aging in women


Genetics play an important role affecting the age of the skin. Skin type, the type of skin of each person decides to process aging skin coming sooner or later. People with sensitive skin often suffer from skin aging earlier by the skin they are prone to influence from external factors.

Hormonal influences. At the beginning of the premenopausal period, the estrogen hormone in women is also gradually declining. This change in hormones makes the skin structure altered, causing dry skin and deterioration of elasticity. Hormonal imbalance in the pre-menopausal period is also the cause of skin pigmentation in women.

In addition, poor circulation blood circulation causes the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the skin surface to slow down, losing the pinky and youthful appearance of the skin.



Sun exposure is the biggest culprits that cause skin aging. Over time, in contact with the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, elastin fibers on the broken skin cause the skin to sagging and lose its elasticity and uneven color. The skin is also prone to bruising and the occurrence of difficult dotted spots. However, we will see little harm on the skin by the sun as a young child. They will appear more clearly as they step through the age of 40. Sun exposure is also a major agent for skin cancer.

Blue light comes from the phone, the computer, the electronic devices are also hazardous as the very sun rays. When long exposures on your phone, your computer, your eyes will be throbted and closed. Will gradually form a bird’s feet, then into pronounced wrinkles on the face.

UV rays causing skin aging
UV rays causing skin aging

Smoking Rooms

Chemicals and nicotine in tobacco increases the amount of free radicals in the skin. In addition, smoking interferes with normal blood flow in the skin. Therefore, smokers tend to be more wrinkles than non-smokers of the same age.


Polluted environment, toxic substances can activate free radical damaging the skin.


Diets play an important role in caring for the women’s skin. Antioxidant supplement will help skin anti-aging by giving skin the ability to neutrate damaging free radicals.

Improper Skin Care

The skin will ageing faster if you care improperly. Especially when using irritating products.

Most of our sisters often use cosmetics to prevent skin aging. However, there are a lot of products in the market now. It is necessary to learn carefully to avoid the use of unsafe cosmetics and contain many chemical components. This will hurt the skin and promote the process of aging skin faster.

Beautiful, healthy skin is not only cared for outside looks. Using skin anti-aging cream only impacts an outer part of the skin. Wanting to rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process requires special care from the inside.


One thing that we can not change is the natural aging process. A healthy lifestyle that combines proper skin care can keep skin youthful and skin anti-aging:

  • Protect your skin from the sun every day.
  • Stop smoking If you do not want to later have more wrinkles and dull skin.
  • Reduce stress, stress at the lowest level, to limit wrinkles formation.
  • Healthy, balanced diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help skin anti-aging early on.
  • Limit drinking beer, alcohol. This is the cause of dehydration on the skin, drying the skin.
  • Exercise helps improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.
  • Wash the face twice a day or after exposure to dirt, sweating.
  • Use skin moisturizer every day to avoid dry skin, to help the skin healthy and youthful.
  • Stop using irritated skin care products.
  • Use health supplement to help skin anti-aging from the inside.

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