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6 tips to deal with anorexia in children

Anorexia in children is a popular condition. However, without timely treatment and root will leave many severe consequences later. Anorexia is the main cause of a child’s low horn condition, malnutrition, which is prone to illness when the body is not sufficiently resistant.

Anorexia in children has countless possible causes because of pathological or psychological problems. Most of the parents with young children understand the common situation. However, not everyone knows the cause and how to fix it accordingly. With Dora CosmePharm Learn 6 tips for overcoming anorexia in children Nhé.

Anorexia in a child
Anorexia in a child


Young children are often very sensitive. So any physical or psychological impact can lead to anorexia. So parents should be more aware.

  • Due to the common pathology: Due to the digestive system, baby’s intestinal tract is not good. Or some diseases such as diarrhea, respiratory inflammation, helminths… Also cause a feeding certificate in a child
  • Children teething or gingivitis, gums also lead to anorexia due to the psychological fear of the child
  • Prolonged use of antibiotics to destroy both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the digestive system triggers an imbalance in the intestinal microflora, which causes the baby’s digestive system to decrease, causing anorexia from the child
  • The baby’s non-corrosive dishes are also easy to cause children to eat. For example, the parents feed 1 long-lasting baby
  • Young anorexia due to lack of micronutrients: The body lacks micronutrients such as zinc as children lose their appetite, appetite, resulting in anorexia
  • Child’s psychological illness: children are very sensitive, easy to cry, prone to, or change habitat, absence of mother… Makes children not want to eat


  • Deterioration of the immune system, heart failure, cancer;
  • Taste disorders;
  • Adversely affects the child’s spirit, prone to autism;
  • Increased risk of low whistles, malnutrition;
  • Suffering from respiratory infections, diarrhea,,…


In order to overcome anorexia in children, in addition to understanding the cause of the child on the disease, parents need to find the most suitable solution to help the baby eat more deliciously.

Diversity Food remedy for anorexia
A variety of baby foods

1. Varied menus for each meal

Meals should contain enough and balance 4 groups of starch foods, protein, fat, green vegetables for babies. Each baby will have different preferences, the meal decoration attracts many colors that will help the baby enjoy the meal before the eye.

2. Do not extend the time for every meal

The majority of parents who do not eat, often or for children to eat or go, to try to squeeze the baby. So the meal lasts for a few hours. This medium food is no longer tasty, just make the baby more bored.

3. Encourage baby movement

Your child’s body is more energy-consuming. Because so children will always have feelings of hunger and sleep will also be better.

4. Don’t force baby to eat not like

Squeezing the food you don’t like will cause your baby to eat worse. If she does not like to eat vegetables, then we can grind greens into porridge for the baby to eat easier.

5. Break up your meal

Subdivide the meal out if she won’t eat it. Instead of squeezing the baby to the last spoon, spend 1 little of them feeding the next meal a few hours away.

6. “3 NO” habit for your baby

No television – no ring – no toys. With these 3 habits will help your child pay attention to more meals. When you are concerned about something else while eating, it will not be good for the digestive system.


For young children, we cannot too hurry to squeeze the child, but be patient and be humbled. To remedy anorexia in children, parents should form a habit of eating for children from the moment they eat miles. As such, the baby’s eating is also easier as the baby grows. 

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