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5 most common types of hepatitis virus

Hepatitis is usually caused by 5 types of hepatitis virus and they are named in letters A, B, C, D, E. They all cause liver diseases, but they also have different characteristics. Let’s discover these 5 hepatitis virus with Dora CosmePharm.

5 most common viral hepatitis
5 most common types of hepatitis virus

Hepatitis is one of the most common diseases present. The cause of the disease is caused by viruses that damage liver tissue cells, affecting liver function. It is also one of the causes of liver cancer.

1. Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)

HAV is a virus that triggers hepatitis A and can be transmitted from person to person through others. The disease is transmitted through food or contaminated water, the waste of the person suffering from the disease. In addition, the disease can also spread sexually.

If it is detected early, people with hepatitis A may not need treatment, the majority of infected people fully recover and the liver is not permanently injured. However, hepatitis HAV virus can also be severe and threatening people with disease.

Advice so that people can protect and fight hepatitis A is advised to keep good hygiene, wash your hands regularly after going to the toilet, before eating. There are also safety and efficacy vaccines that prevent HAV. Everyone should actively vaccinate.

2. Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

This type of hepatitis is no stranger to everyone. Super viral hepatitis HBV caused liver infection or hepatitis B. Characteristics of hepatitis B virus is the disease usually transmitted by blood sugar, sexual intercourse, body translation has infected HBV. Transfusion, HBV infection preparations, injections at the hospital, injecting drugs can also infect hepatitis B. Addit

ionally, an infected mother of hepatitis B can also spread to newborns at birth. Babies and children who have been infected have a high risk of becoming chronic hepatitis B.

HBV Virus causes hepatitis B

At present, there has been an effective safety vaccine preventing the hepatitis HBV virus. People should also take proactive vaccination. However, the disease does not have the most effective cure. So you need to apply these preventive methods to prevent the disease from infecting others.

Chronic hepatitis B also increases the risk for patients prone to liver failure, cirrhosis, liver cancer.

3. Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes hepatitis C. The disease is mainly transmitted by blood contact, general use of needles, sexual intercourse. Hepatitis C tests are a necessity for the detection of the disease. Hepatitis C does not currently have a preventive vaccine. HCV is also one of the most dangerous hepatitis viruses.

HCV Virus causes hepatitis C

4. Hepatitis D Virus (HDV)

People with hepatitis B will have greater likelihood of infection with hepatitis D. Bacterial hepatitis D (HDV) causes hepatitis D. This type of hepatitis is rare by HDV not able to survive alone. The disease is usually transmitted through contact with human blood, general needles, sexually transmitted.

Vaccines for preventing hepatitis B can always prevent hepatitis D.

5. Hepatitis E Virus (HEV)

Hepatitis E caused by viral hepatitis E (HEV). The disease is often transmitted by eating foods, contaminated pollutants from the waste of people with hepatitis E. There are now also vaccines that prevent hepatitis E but have not been widely disseminated.


Each type of hepatitis virus has different manifestations and symptoms due to the different structure of hepatitis. Therefore, the treatment will not be the same. People need regular medical examination to be able to monitor health and detect the disease early in order to be able to effectively treat.

Through knowledge sharing about 5 types of hepatitis above then to protect the liver, we should supplement the full nutrient, drink plenty of water, limit alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, beer, take the time to rest, should avoid contact with blood , do not use generic needles, safe sex,… To prevent transmission of pathogenic viruses. Additionally it is possible to use health supplements to support liver function.

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